With more than 90 years in the electronics industry and more than 40 years in the solar industry, Mitsubishi Electric's performance and reliability is practically bulletproof.

Coupled with a German engineered Schneider Electric XW series inverter charger, these off grid solar systems will provide many years worth of reliable service.

Designed for both off grid and grid tie battery backup applications, These Misubishi off the grid solar systems are designed to perform in the toughest environments

  • Mitsubishi Diamond Premium Solar Modules
  • Schneider Electric XW Series Inverters
  • Orion Heavy Duty Solar Mounting System

Anyone can build an off grid solar panel that works here on Earth, now strap that same off grid solar panel to a rocket that subjects it to 8 Gs of bone jarring thrust and then expose it to high energy cosmic rays as well as temperatures that can soar as high as 300 degrees C and now you have engineered an off grid solar panel. That's exactly the type of expertise that has been perfected by Mitsubishi Electric engineers that began when they established their space satellite business more than 35 years ago. Building on that experience and utilizing the latest state of the art patented process for manufacturing mono-crystalline silicon, Mitsubishi Electric has achieved real world efficiencies, tolerance levels and reliability for off the grid living that was once thought to be impossible. Since 1974 Mitsubishi Electric is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the industry.

Schneider Electric's ConextTM XW+ is an adaptable single-phase and three-phase inverter/charger system with both off grid and grid-tie functionality and dual AC power inputs. Available solar charge controllers, monitoring, and automated generator control modules enable further adaptability. From a single Conext XW+ unit to clusters up to 102 kW, the Conext XW+ is a scalable system that allows for the integration of solar capacity as required. Adaptable and scalable, the Schneider ElectricTM. Conext XW+ off grid inverter system is the one solution for grid-interactive and off-grid, residential and commercial, solar and backup power applications.

Thin might be in when it comes to waistlines and the latest HDTV sets but when it comes to securing the bulk of your off grid solar investment to the roof of your home you want the strongest off grid mounting system made out of the highest quality aircraft grade aluminum that money can buy. The engineers at both Orion Racking and Spider Rax understand this premise and we do too so we've added the finest railed or rail-less off grid mounting systems available today. Both Orion Racking and Spider Rax Solar Mounting Systems are unsurpassed in quality and durability, rated to withstand from 150 up to a 180 mile per hour wind speeds, Spider Rax Mounting Systems and Orion Racking are engineered to last a lifetime in your off geid solar installation.

Additional Info

These fourth generation, heavy duty off grid solar kits use the latest PV and inverter technology that have a long history of providing providing many years of trouble free operation.

  • Heavy duty copper wound output transformer.
  • High efficiency MPPT charge controller.
  • Built in heavy duty automaic transfer switch.
  • Pure sinewave 240 Volt output.
  • High efficiency half cut solar cells.
  • Mono crystalline solar cells with4 bus bars.
  • Warranted for use in oceanfront environments.
  • 4 layer junction box for use in extreme environments.