Amerisun Solar, America's leading manufacturer of U.S. made high efficiency, high performance black on black solar modules is located in San Jose, California.

Coupled with a German engineered Schneider Electric XW series inverter charger, these off grid solar systems will provide many years worth of reliable service.

Designed for both off grid and grid tie battery backup applications, These Amerisun Solar off the grid solar systems are designed to perform in the harshet environments

  • U.S. Made Amerisun Solar All Black Solar Modules
  • Schneider Electric XW Series Inverters
  • Orion Heavy Duty Solar Mounting System

We spent more than a year researching American manufacturers for our new Survivalist series grid tie solar systems. "Made in America" was only the beginning of the criteria that we demanded when making our decision.

Manufacturing solar cells here in the U.S., then shipping theff to a foreign country to assembled into solar panels just wasn't going to cut it. The manufacturer that we chose had to makes their solar panels here in the good old U.S.A. In other words, the manufacturer had to provide good quality jobs for Americans that produced the finest products available on the market.

Insisting on this type of control over materials and the manufacturing process is not only the best way to assure quality, it also creates a sense of pride that results in reliable, high performance products that's hard to beat.

Thin might be in when it comes to waistlines and the latest HDTV sets but when it comes to securing the bulk of your off grid solar investment to the roof of your home you want the strongest off grid mounting system made out of the highest quality aircraft grade aluminum that money can buy. The engineers at both Orion Racking and Spider Rax understand this premise and we do too so we've added the finest railed or rail-less off grid mounting systems available today. Both Orion Racking and Spider Rax Solar Mounting Systems are unsurpassed in quality and durability, rated to withstand from 150 up to a 180 mile per hour wind speeds, Spider Rax Mounting Systems and Orion Racking are engineered to last a lifetime in your off geid solar installation.

Additional Info

These fourth generation, heavy duty off grid solar kits use the latest PV and inverter technology that have a long history of providing providing many years of trouble free operation.

  • Heavy duty copper wound output transformer.
  • High efficiency MPPT charge controller.
  • Built in heavy duty automaic transfer switch.
  • Pure sinewave 240 Volt output.
  • High efficiency mono crtstalline solar cells.
  • Mono crystalline solar with black frames and backsheets.
  • A 25 year manufacturer's linear warranty.
  • A heavy duty junction box for use in harsh environments.