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    Top name brand, high performance off grid and grid tie battery backup solar systems and wholesale discount pricing to both homeowners and contractors.

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    Off grid inverter and solar panels.
  • Deep Discount Prices

    Save thousands of dollars on a high quality, name brand off grid solar solar system by taking advantage of our high volume manufacturer relationships.

    Off the grid ground mount solar array.

    Solar home off grid.

    Off grid solar energy system.
    Off grid living with solar power.
  • Ultra Reliable Power

    Shop the Internet and you may find, non name brand, off grid solar system at a lower price. Over the past 6 years, dozens of overseas manufacturers have jumped on the off grid bandwagon.

    These systems are OK for occasional, light duty, non critical off grid applications but they tend to fail right when you need them most. At Off Grid Solar, we never include low cost, overseas knock off products in our systems.

    Off grid solar kits.
    Off the grid solar systems.
    Off grid inverters.
    Off grid solar panels.
    Off grid solar charge controllers.
    Off grid solar home.

Welcome To Off Grid Solar

We're The Nation's Leading Dealer Of High Quality, Discount, Off Grid Solar Systems.

Custom Design

Custom Design

Whether you need a single panel off the grid solar charging system or you want to power an entire off grid community, our team of expert designers are here to customize the ideal off grid system to meet your needs.

High Performance

High Performance

When it comes to off grid solar power system performance, we wrote the book. Our systems include some of the highest performance PV, charge controller, inverter and battery technology on the market.

Exceptional Reliability

Exceptional Reliability

With many years of service to the offgrid solar industry, we know first hand which brands simply perform and which brands perform beyond expectectation.

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Support

We've provided free tech support for our off-grid solar customers for many years and we will continue to be here to support our customers for many more years.

Our U.S. Made off grid Products Are A cut Above The Rest

Sonnen Batterie

Advanced Off Grid PV & Storage Technology

Whether you want to live off grid or your utility company has modified their net metering policies to the point where grid tie only solar no longer makes any sense, we offer affordable, advanced storage technologies that will help you reach your goal of energy independance.

You'll find everything from Lithium Iron Sulphate batteries to the latest in off grid solar panel technology at a price that will make your dream of a grid free life a reality.

power density

Battery chemistries with higher power densities than competing lithium cobalt chemistries.

cycle life

Longer cycle life for better performance and a better return on your energy storage investment.

low prices

We offer far lower prices on our advanced off grid battery based solar systems than competing dealers.

State Of The Art Technology !!

The very latest in off grid batteries, photovoltaics and inverter technology for your application.

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Our Offerings

Mitsubishi off grid solar kits

Mitsubishi Electric

Grid Tie Battery Backup/Off Grid.

Amerisun Solar off grid systems.

Survivalist Solar

Grid Tie Battery Backup/Off Grid.

Hyper X2 off grid solar kits.

Bifacial Solar

Grid Tie Battery Backup/Off Grid.

Amerisun Solar battery-less backup power kits.

Sentinal Solar

Grid Tie Battery-Less Backup.

Off grid solar kits with high performance solar panels.

Off Grid Solar Kits

Name brand, battery based, true off grid solar systems.

Off grid electric vehicle charging systems.

Off Grid/Battery Backup EV Chargers

Charge your EV with free energy from the Sun day or night.

Xion energy storage systems.

LiFePO4 Storage Systems

Advanced energy storage systems for residential and industrial applications.

No money out of pocket off grid solar system financing.

$0 Down System Financing

Zero down financing on off grid and grid tie battery backup systems.

Tell your utility company to take a rate hike.

Our Process



We Perform A Site, Needs & Budget Analysis



We Design A Customized System To Meet Your Needs



We Email You An Unbeatable Quote For Our Product & Services



System Installation & Lifetime Post Sales Support

Sample Pricing

  • SMA 4kW Inverter
  • US Made Amerisun 350 Watt Modules
  • Iron Ridge Or Spider Racks
  • PV Cables, Disconnect, Plan Set
  • Schneider Electric 4.5kW Inverter
  • US Made Amerisun 350 Watt Modules
  • Iron Ridge Or Spider Racks
  • PV Cables, Disconnect, Plan Set
  • Schneider Electric 5.5kW Inverter
  • Mitsubishi 275 Watt Modules
  • Iron Ridge Or Spider Racks
  • PV Cables, Disconnect, Plan Set
  • Schneider Electric 5.5kW Inverter
  • Bifacial 300 Watt Modules
  • Everest Or Spider Racks
  • PV Cables, Disconnect, Plan Set

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